project management

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Choosing the most dependable architectural firm for your project can be a challenging task. Allow us to simplify your decision-making process by highlighting why ADCS stands out.

Now, let's delve into the statistics:

ADCS invites you to personally explore all our ongoing and completed projects. We extend a warm welcome for your visits, where our team is eager to assist you. It’s important to note that every project under ADCS is a class apart, offering services in the following categories:


Project management at ADCS is executed with meticulous attention through a comprehensive approach:

  • Mr. Atique Ur Rehman – Director & Principal Consultant
  • Mr. Shahbaz Afzal – Director of Construction 

A specialized cross-functional ADCS team is meticulously assembled to cater specifically to your project. This team is composed of professionals from the following departments:

Stay updated on the daily progress and development of your dream project through a WhatsApp group, where you’ll receive audio updates, pictures, and texts.

At ADCS, we highly value your input. Feel free to share your comments, complaints, or suggestions directly in the WhatsApp Group, and we ensure prompt responses.

Retrieve your comprehensive computerized payment records within minutes from the ADCS Account Office.

For further information, we are eager to engage in a conversation with you.